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Course Management Scenarios

A: Grading responsibilities are taking more time than anticipated.

  • Let the instructor, head TA or fellow TAs know if you need more resources to help finish grading.
  • If grading is taking extra long one week (not frequently), check with instructor if it is okay to delay grade release a bit.
  • Look over tips for effective grading - usually skimming through all the assignments first can help design a rubric, or the head TA can help you design one.
  • Reach out to TA fellow or instructor to see if your TA hours allocation is fair.
  • Try to talk to instructor or previous TAs to get an estimate of the time required. Plan responsibilities ahead of time.

B: Conflict with professor in grading or teaching philosophy.

  • Be open minded and consider the professor's view point (it is likely the professor is also considering your view point)
  • Communicate your thoughts and discuss the conflict with the professor

C: Student asking for accommodations because of religious holiday, sports, injury, family emergencies, etc.

  • (Usually) the expectation is that the instructor is updated on the requested accommodation, and the instructor makes the final decision.
  • Sometimes the office of the dean can be involved (usually at the decision of the instructor).
  • Remember to treat all students fairly, and also take individual circumstances of each student into account.